Terms of Service

Alex Her LTD Terms Of Service:

Alex Her LTD is an owner and operator of The Ubermind brand.

Alex Her LTD i.e. “The Company”, reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. This includes but is not limited too: Free Offers, Cancellation of subscriptions or other digital media associated with The Ubermind and other Alex Her LTD owned brands, Cancellation of membership, Suspension from affiliate rewards program and associated affiliates within, removal from electronic mailing list, removal from Alex Her administrated private groups and other community-based virtual events regardless of media or venue, Alienation from all social media accounts etc for infractions against the Terms of Service.

Infractions for refusal of service include but or not limited to:

(a) Copyright Infringement
(b) Plagiarism
(c) Inappropriate Comments and Behavior against any Alex Her LTD employee.
(d) Inappropriate Comments and Behavior against any Alex Her LTD electronic communication both including email and social media.
(e) Inappropriate Comments or Behavior toward the Alex Her Team, Partners, or Board Member.
(f) Slander and Libel
(g) Payment Interruption of any Alex Her LTD products and or services.
(h) Non-Compliance of Rules and Regulations
(i) Breaching of any contract previously agreed to between yourself and Alex Her LTD.

(j) Misuse of Coupon Codes, Passwords Or any other fraudulent activities.

*Alex Her LTD reserves the right to amend these infractions at ANY time without notice or in any relevance to the statues (a-j) above.

Email Notifications:

We are not responsible for any lost emails sent by The Ubermind or Alex Her LTD. Deadlines missed due to non-receipt of email notifications is not the responsibility of The Ubermind or Alex Her LTD.

The Ubermind Terms Of Service:

Payments/Update Payments:

Alex Her LTD accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards via PayPal only. Please note: The Ubermind™ is owned and operated by Alex Her LTD.. Your credit card statement will reflect the registered business entity: Alex Her LTD on your billing statement.

To update your payment information, please click here and fill out the required information. Your request will be processed in 1-2 business days. Payment information received via email will not be accepted.

Cancellation Policy:

For all self-study courses, subscriptions and programs… If you would like to cancel, please click here and fill out this form. Email cancellations will not be accepted. All cancellations will be processed within 1-2 business days. Access to self-study courses, subscriptions and programs will immediately cease upon cancellation and fees will not be prorated.

For business products, events, and services, there are no refunds or cancellations accepted. Once you make a down payment or enroll in a course, you are obligated to pay for your purchase in its completion. Once an event or program has ended, you may not have access to the membership area.

Late Payments:

Payments 1+ day past due will NOT have access to any membership perks. Memberships 7 days past due will be removed entirely and any discounted membership dues will not be renewed or honored. Payment plan interruptions occurring more than twice, will result in collecting remaining balance in full and no further payment plan options will honored.


No refunds will be given for any self-study courses, subscriptions or programs.

Sales Tax:

State or Country appropriate sales/VAT tax will be added on physical product orders only.


We ship internationally. All purchases will ship within 3 business days via USPS or Priority Mail (unless otherwise noted– some products such as ritual boxes may take up to 3-6 weeks to receive). Tracking numbers provided upon request. International shipping does not include tracking. We are not responsible for lost or unreceived items. We are also not responsible for goods that are damaged through the shipping and handling of the postal services. We are also not responsible for custom, duties, taxes, or brokerage fees on international orders. Orders shipped internationally could take up to 6 weeks to arrive (depending on the country).

Headquarters Mailing Address: